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How To Jump Start Another Car

It happens to all of us. Whether it's from the cold or because someone left a light on, car batteries die and will need a jump start to get back up and running. Whether you're the helping hand or the one who needs a jump, you'll want to learn how to jump-start a car. If you need to use your Honda Accord, Honda Civic, or other Honda vehicle to jump-start another car, here is what you need to do.

  • Park your Honda with the battery facing the other vehicle. Make sure both cars are turned off, and…
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Can a Honda Accord Tow a Trailer?

With the excitement surrounding the 2021 Honda Accord, Philadelphia is bustling with new drivers ready to take a test drive. It's important to know what this car can do and why it's a good fit for you. One of the questions we're asked the most is whether a new Accord tow a trailer. Trevose drivers can rejoice because your vacation plans won't be interrupted if your car is properly equipped.


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Service your Honda effectively and efficiently with certified service in Philadelphia


You invested in your new Honda because you trust the reputation and reliability of the brand. So when you’re repairing and maintaining your vehicle, why not stick with the name you trust?


Only Honda factory parts are designed to align exactly right and work harmoniously with your vehicle’s original parts. And only professional Honda technicians know the intimate details of your unique Honda model, servicing your vehicle more efficiently and effectively than a general mechanic. The certified Honda service center here at Sloane Toyota uses Honda diagnostic equipment to ensure we don’t

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The best service possible

America was the first home to automobiles. Sure, the first auto engine may have come from Germany, or was fine-tuned by the French, but as the world-round knows, America is home of the automobile. We paved out roads to make travel easier and more comfortable in our new cars, and now the pavement stretches from coast to coast, so you can take a true road trip and spend days on the open road to see…

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