America was the first home to automobiles. Sure, the first auto engine may have come from Germany, or was fine-tuned by the French, but as the world-round knows, America is home of the automobile. We paved out roads to make travel easier and more comfortable in our new cars, and now the pavement stretches from coast to coast, so you can take a true road trip and spend days on the open road to see one shining sea to the other the wonders our land holds in between. Most of us do not make such epic adventures every day, but no matter how far you go or what adventure the open road holds for you, the reliability of the Honda is real.

There are thousands of elderly Honda models still on the road today, and the reason behind that fact is simple. Honda engineering is built to, and Honda drivers take better care of their cars. When you get behind the wheel of a Honda Accord or the Honda CR-V, you have chosen this vehicle because of the quality you have come to expect from the H badge. As the years carry on and the miles add up, your car, truck, SUV, or minivan needs some TLC to keep it in its best running shape. That is why here at Sloane Honda, we pride ourselves on the best service you can give your Honda vehicle.

Here in our service department, our experienced technicians are experts with Honda models, and have been trained specifically with the engineering of the brand. When you come in for a routine maintenance check or a full repair, you get a knowledgeable set of eyes under the hood to verify the overall health of your vehicle. We use genuine Honda parts to help extend the life of your ride, and do a multi-point inspection before any vehicle leaves our bay. For the best service for your vehicle, come in to our Philadelphia, PA service department today.

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